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New art at the bottom.
This is Thistle, my cute lil half elf. No, she's not a dark elf, her mother was human and happened to have dark skin. Anyway, Thistle was in her Theives Guild at the time of this picture. Pencil sketch Thistle again, this time how she looked when she was in her Warrior Guild. Pencil sketch
Thistle in her Cleric Guild. Eep!! She has no legs! Pencil sketch And finally, Nightblade Thistle. Nightblade is kinda like an assassin... Pencil Sketch
Magic effects are interesting to draw. Pencil sketch Busy looking pic, but I like how it looks. Pencil sketch
I want a huge tree like this... Pencil sketch My lil bio-genetically engineered kitty thingy K-chan. Everything needs a kitty-type character! Old design of her, redesigning her to look less human... Pencil sketch
First pic of K-chan. I really wish I still had this origonal because it looked so cute.. anyway, like I said, redesigning her now. Pencil sketch One of my two half-dragon sisters, Karin. She looks nothing like her sister Jen... Pencil sketch
Silver-haired guys. They appear in fantasy stuff a lot. This one is mine, his name is Victor. Pencil sketch This pic is so cute! My bro says it looks like the axe is smiling...? Pencil sketch
And this is Halycon. ~blink~ Working on redesigning this guy too... Pencil sketch Jen, the other sister of the two half dragon sisters. Also the first colored pic on this page... Colored pencil sketch
This pic still makes me chuckle sometimes. Just how much weight can Thistle's arm hold up anyhow? Pencil sketch K-chan is so cute... she's got an obsession kinda like one that I've got. Pencil sketch
I was out of white paper at the time and had been doodling on lined paper. This image is just too cute to pass up. Pencil sketch Meet Seriss, in chibi form. He doesn't look like this anymore, redesigned his outfit. This is his old outfit.. and those things around him? Those are the ESBs. Pastel pencil/pencil sketch
This picture is so sweet it gives me cavities. K-chan dressed up in mage garb that's way too big for her. K-chan is only 3 feet tall... Pastel pencil/pencil sketch ESB stands for Evil Shadow Bunny by the way... aren't they cute? Pastel pencil/pencil sketch
Aw... Seriss isn't usually this nice you know... and he's missing a leg...Pencil sketch First colored picture of Thistle! Been working on different drawing styles for her. Colored pencil/pastel pencil sketch
This pic has to do with the game I play, Exile, which all of these characters are from. I had just gotten back my Hammer of Kharas.. thanks again Archy! Pencil sketch The only thing that bugs me about this pic... her arm looks warped... Pencil sketch
Colored version of the previos pic. Photoshop colored This pic would be great if I'd just finish it. Pencil sketch
And this is Seriss in his new outfit. ~Blinks~ looks a bit more fantasy like this.. myah, and a bit more like a mage. Pencil sketch And this is Thistle teasing Seriss about having to model his new outfits for the artist ~heh~. Pencil/pen sketch
Un-shaded pic of Thistle. She's got big hair in this picture. ~blink~ Pencil sketch Evil Shadow Bunnies really are just adorable. I just wanna hug 'em and squeeze 'em and love 'em.. ~Blink~ they should be plush toys! Ink sketch
Still working on a new design for K-chan. Myah, dun like the mane though, it makes her look like a hyena. Pencil sketch Boy am I lazy.. I didn't even feel like finishing the shading on this concept pic of Halycon. ~blink~ Pencil sketch
I'm always slamming out quick sketches because they're just that... quick sketches! Doesn't take long at all. ~blink~ This is my elf boy Arkard. Pencil sketch This is such an adorable picture. ~giggle~ I didn't have my notebook with me, so it's on lined paper ~blink~ but I just had to scan it anyway!Pencil sketch
Yes, I DO realize that this is a sick, twisted, and overall very wrong picture... but you really should hear how this all started. Pencil sketch Aww.. for some reason I've just been wanting to draw cute pictures with Seriss in them lately. ~giggle~ Pencil sketch

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