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This page was created with Netscape.. so I dunno how it looks with IE, but I think it's okay ~blink~ just better viewed with Netscape.

Eh? ~glances up~ Ack! Um... Whatever you're looking for it's not here...
~long pause~
Oh hey, wait, I thought you were someone else, sorry. ~sweatdrop~ Yea, there's stuff here, but not much of it.. I mean.. it's a sketch book, right? So.. don't expect anything fantastic. =~-~= Heh... no color or anything, just sketches. Well, ~blinks~ then again I mean there could be color but a lot of this is just mindless sketches about things, but all of these sketches you should know are me, because I drew them. =^^=;; And usually the characters in them are me too unless otherwise noted...

Tellka- You talk too much.

Kate- So I'm nervious =;-;=...

Tellka- Yea, I can tell, and you also talk too much.

Kate- ~sighes loudly~
Anyway, you can look around here, or you can head back to some of my other pages. ~tail waves~

Oh, and for lack of anyplace else on the net to really post this, I've got a LiveJournal because of a certain couple of friends of mine who wouldn't leave me alone. ~blink blink~

There's a lot of random pics, so myah, they're sorted into these categories. Some may be in color, some may be black and white, some may be on lined paper ~blink~ they're all really just sketches. =0-o=;; Some more finished then others... ~sweatdrop~ anyway...

Updates: 9/10/02 Wow, I updated my site... ~I don't do that much, I know~ Check the Torana page for new pics.

Torana- Frank and I do a lot of writing together. All in all it started out as a fanfic-type-thingy to BoF, but after a while it's kinda become its own thing. ~blink~ Anyway, we refer to the world this takes place on as 'Torana,' so I often find myself referring to the BoF stuff that Frank and I do as Torana stuff. =^^=; The sketches in here are mostly of our characters we use.

Elsewhere- Yea, not a catchy name. ~Blink~ A friend of mine suggested to call it 'Elseworlds' but I keep accidentally saying 'Elsewhere' so the name stuck. =0-o=;; Myah, anyway, this is my own fantasy story. The characters were created for a MUD I play in, Exile, and they kinda developed their own lives and story, so eventually I'm going to write their story out. ~purrm~ Eventually... anyway, this is their art.

Misc.- Everything else. ~blink~ If I start to notice a lot of things that fit in a category then I'll eventually make pages for them, but until then they'll be on the misc page.

Links to my other pages: |Frank/Kate webpage|Don't Mind Me|

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