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New art at the bottom.
My brother and I are constantly playing Super Smash Bros. We've even given ourselves a team nickname. Pencil sketch My sis used this pic for a cereal box she had to make. The cereal was 'Jiggly Puffs.' .. well, it sounds like a breakfast cereal to me. Pencil sketch
This is just one of the many reasons as to why we chose the team name that we did. Pen sketch And another reason for why we chose that name. Pen sketch
Yes, here's just another reason. Pen sketch And another. ~On lined paper though~ Pen/colored pencil sketch
I play the puff incase you're wondering, and I'm always wearing a big red bow. Pencil sketch Dragon! Rawr~! I think it looks like a cow.. does anyone else think it looks like a cow? Pencil sketch
And here's a little dragon that looks like a cow. ~purr~ Pencil/colored pencil sketch This was a picture that I did for a friend. He's got the origonal, this is only a copy. Xerox copy of a pencil sketch
Just some random beasty I drew up one day. ~blink~ Pencil sketch I'm not sure who this chick is, but she looks neat and used up a lot of black ink. Pen sketch
This is a really old character of mine named Panthra. I don't use this character anymore, but I still use the name Panthra for a lot of my characters. Pencil sketch This is what happens when I'm bored and have many different colored pens. ~blink~ Pen sketch
I did this picture for my sis a while back. No, it's not supposed to be Deedlit, it just looks like her for some really weird reason... Pencil sketch Another random dragon. Pencil sketch

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