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New art at the bottom.
Weretigers are cute. Myah, I've got two of them myself. Color pencil sketch Who is this chick and why did I draw her? I dunno, ~blink~ but I like how her arm looks. Pencil sketch
I like this picture, but I'm not sure why. Just something about it appeals to me. Pencil sketch Another random character. I like birds. Pencil sketch
Yay! More weretigers! They really are kinda cute, all furry and soft and cuddly... kinda... Pencil sketch And another were tiger! Pencil sketch
And another.... Pencil sketch Another random character. Pencil sketch
Random windian girl. My friend Sean asked me to draw him some BoF pics once, this was one of the ones I did. Pencil sketch Another pic done for Sean. This one is a dragon girl. Pencil sketch
Inside joke between me and Sean... something like this actually happened once during class. ~blink~ Pastel pencil sketch Another weretiger, yea, but.. it's a different one this time! Pencil sketch
Both of my weretigers together now! Hrm, they don't seem to get along. Color pencil sketch My art teacher Mr. Nash gave me the idea for this once when he was commenting on my art. Pastel pencil/pencil sketch
Meet the RedBird. It basically looks like a gryphon made out of fire, but instead of being half bird/half lion like a gryphon is, it's just all bird. Block print Nina Winlan from BoF1. I always thought this sketch looked good unfinished like this, dunno why though. Pencil sketch
Dark dragon character. Dark dragons are interesting. Then again so are light dragons. I have characters of both. ~Blink~ Pencil sketch What's BoF without dragons? Here's a water dragon transformation of my light dragon. Pencil sketch
Another dragon transformation, this one is wind. Pencil sketch Concept sketches for a character of mine named Bruce. Pencil sketch
More concept art. This is Bruce's sister, Megan. Pencil sketch Concept for a whole flock of characters... Pencil sketch
Boy is he cute! Uh.. I mean, myah, more concept sketches of other various characters.. ~sweatdrop~ Pencil sketch Heh, I love comparing my characters to their chibi version. Here's character Jason and the RedBird, and chibi Jason and the RedBird... how cute! Pencil sketch
These are old concept pics of a couple of my characters that I dug up not too long ago. Pencil sketch I was bored when I sketched this and I had a red colored pencil... Colored pencil sketch
'Nother dark dragon. This guy's name is Con. Pencil/Colored pencil sketch This is so cute. So ICQ friend Frank made these little dragon critters called Little Fire Dragons... LFDs... heh.. Colored pen/Pencil sketch
Okay, so I have these mechanical colored pencils that I keep playing with... Here's Set again. Gads he's cute... Colored pencil/Pen sketch Here's another sketch with those colored mechanical pencils. It's a dragon. How cute. Colored pencil sketch
Just a little sketch with my Royal Windian Guard, his Great Bird, and my friend Frank's character Aeowyn ~she's actually from the game Phantasy Star Online~ Pencil sketch

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